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Websites have come to stay, it is a game changer when it comes to digital relevance in this time and age. A website gives your organization credibility. A website designed and developed with Brand, Coding and Accessibility standard in mind gives an edge over competitors and in turn gives a stamp of quality assurance.

At REGNIFY, we apply the principle of progressive enhancement to ensure that your web pages work for all of your end users regardless of their browsing context. We write semantic and standards-compliant HTML using ARIA and other best practices to ensure that pages are accessible and thereby reach as many people as possible.

We specialize in building effective web presence for small to medium sized businesses. Our team at REGNIFY delivers premium value packed products and professionalism in service. We keep the focus on your customers.

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Looking to give your end users a swift and smooth mobile native experience without intrusive app installation pop-ups? Make your brand stand out with a cross-platform progressive web app (PWA) from REGNIFY.

How a PWA will benefit your website

With progressive web apps development services, you will get a fast,reliable and modern cost-effective alternative to native apps. Turn your website into a progressive web app and quickly boost your business.

Rank higher in Google search

Mobile-first approach guarantees that your website will be ranked higher in Google search results, wether via mobile or desktop.

Improve customer acquisition

Your website visitors will quickly turn into customers as they can install the PWA site as an icon on their browser homescreen.

Increase conversion rate

With a loading time lesser than 1 second and Push notification for higher user engagement boost your conversion rate.

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mobile presence with a PWA

Progressive web application development is a great option for businesses that are looking to quickly enhance their mobile presence and grow website traffic within a reasonable budget.

Traffic generated via mobile is growing at tremendous speed. Currently, 60% of all the traffic in the world are produced by mobile phones. At the same time, Google states that 53% of users will leave a site if it takes more than 2 seconds to load, this settles the fact that a fast-loading website is of optimum importance.

The PWA technology is the best and most cost-effective solution to improve your website loading speed and effectively engage with the mobile audience at the same time. By making your website a progressive web app, you will make it load faster than regular websites.

Additionally, while still being a web page, your PWA will provide visitors with a great user experience close to that of a native app with little storage dependency, boost traffic and increase conversion rate.

Benefits of Progressive Web Apps

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The combination of best features of the web and mobile, the PWA technology boasts a great number of benefits. While still being a web page, your website will be able to compete with native apps in many aspects, at the same time being cross-platform and more secure. What’s more, PWA development cost is considerably lower than native app development.

At REGNIFY, we are passionate about this technology and believe that it is here to stay and change the history of mobile apps. With end users in mind and taking into account the particular business needs and industry peculiarities, we ensure that the solutions created bring the best results and help your business grow.

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